Ts & Cs

This set of terms and conditions is global across all interaction with ThreeZee!
Every user of ThreeZee as a service, through usage of the site or store system agrees to this set of terms and conditions including sub policies in their entirety. By continuing to use the system you agree without limitation.
ThreeZee reserves all rights to amend this document at any time. Users shall be notified.
ThreeZee reserves the right to suspend any site pending discussion with the store owner at any time, with due cause.


  1. ThreeZee Provisions & Licensing
  2. EXPIRED: FreeZee Campaign
  3. Liabilities & Responsibilities
  4. Acceptable Usage
  5. Payment and Privacy
  6. Service Payments and Cancellations
  7. Domains, Email and external services


ThreeZee is a division of Enhance Enterprises PTY LTD.

What is ThreeZee?
ThreeZee is a service which comprises collection of hand picked web software and custom written components designed to enhance the A – Z simplicity of running an online store in South Africa.

Core components utilized, are done so under respective open source licensing, additional components are utilized under direct bulk licenses or agreements from the relative authors. We actively support the development community and where applicable contribute to the ongoing upliftment of the open source community.

We additionally drastically extend and modify these systems to simplify them. This is done in accordance with global web and security standards.

Core componentry includes:
WordPress ( https://wordpress.org/ )
WooCommerce ( http://www.woothemes.com/woocommerce/ )

All rights are reserved by the respective authors we make no claim to their phenomenal work.

What do we charge for if the majority of the software is open to the public?

ThreeZee is a service and provision of infrastructure, we do not charge for the software or the usage of it. We purely charge for the service, support, hosting & security infrastructure and licensing of components outside of the OS environment.

South Africa has some unique challenges that we have focused on overcoming, and some largely escalated costs over international.



We adhere to maintain ThreeZee as a service package with the highest integrity and stability possible.

We run on a 99% uptime policy, however from time to time this may be extended due to extraneous circumstances.

Where possible at least 7 days of advanced notice will be provided surrounding scheduled maintenance and downtime.
We cannot secure or promise against acts of god but fallbacks and redundancy is paramount for us.

We are not liable for losses whereby the user is at fault.

Users are to maintain utmost confidentiality and integrity of their access details. Should you feel your account has been compromised. Please contact our support team from the dashboard immediately and we will be more than happy to help come up with a strategy to reduce or mitigate any losses, fiscal or data.

It is the responsibility of the store owner to verify their own payments and confirm receipt of payment before distributing the products. ThreeZee is not liable for any losses incurred. Should any changes or amendments be made to your store via our team, the store owner is to verify that all settings and pages are working correctly. This includes verifying that actual payments are received. These are received by a third party and a final verification should be made prior to shipping the products off to the client.

ThreeZee Responsibilities:
ThreeZee is responsible for the maintenance, support, service and infrastructure to maintain online presence of your online store.

We offer comprehensive support, training and resources for all our clients. This is included in the costs of your store.

Backups: We do a comprehensive site-wide backups daily, weekly, monthly to multiple offsite locations for system security. We do not offer individual site roll backs for individuals to request.

We are to maintain confidentiality at all times of your data.

While we would love to offer you more, ThreeZee much like many other web services is to be seen as a best effort service. We cannot accept responsibility for anything outside of our control.


We reserve the right to suspend, delete or block any individual who infringes the acceptable usage & content policy outlined here. These processes may be instated prior to a notice being sent to the store owner.

No refund shall be made to stores that infringe this.

First and foremost as a user of this site and system you agree to the following conditions:

  1. Not to use the website in such a way that is in violation of any applicable law or regulation;
  2. Not to disrupt or interfere with the security of, or otherwise abuse, the Site, or any services, system resources, accounts, servers or networks connected to or accessible through the Site or affiliated or linked Web sites;
  3. Not to disrupt or interfere with any other user’s enjoyment of the Site or affiliated or linked Web sites
  4. Not to upload, post or otherwise transmit through or on this Site any viruses or other harmful, disruptive or destructive files;
  5. Not to transmit through or on this Site spam, chain letters, junk mail or any other type of unsolicited mass email to people or entities who have not agreed to be part of such mailings;
  6. In addition, you agree that you are solely responsible for actions and communications undertaken or transmitted under your account (if applicable), and that you will comply with all applicable local, national and international laws and regulations in this regard.
  7. Should your site escalate in growth where it affects other individuals utilizing the ThreeZee infrastructure, you will be consulted and a plan to facilitate your growth devised either by custom options or an upgrade path. This will have cost implications in accordance with the path going forward.
  8. We reserve the right to throttle limit or block specific traffic, countries or users where good reason with valid stability, security or other reasoning is applicable.
  9. We reserve the implicit right to suspend, terminate or remove any content within the ThreeZee network.

Restricted items and content:
The user agrees to not sell or engage in any business through the ThreeZee system which falls under the following limitations.

  1. No adult material, products, porn, services or other items viewed as anti-social, this includes imagery utilized in marketing your store. This system should be viewed as for all ages.
  2. No firearms or parts there of, ammunition, explosives or fireworks shall be permitted for sale as this contravenes the firearms and explosive controls act of South Africa. Items listed as accessories may be sold however subject to written approval from the ThreeZee Directorate.
  3. No narcotic or restricted substances.
  4. The sale of alcoholic substances without a license and prior approval by our team.
  5. The sale of any product or item that would put the general population at risk.
  6. Any fake, knock off or replica products, including but not limited to watches, handbags, clothing, footwear, electronic goods or other items clearly breaching the rights of the intellectual property holders.
  7. Racist, Homophobic or other material that could be construed as hate speech in material or content.

Further to this point any sales of items that contravene of the laws of South Africa, this also includes content or communications surrounding these matters. Users will be handed over to the relevant authorities.

This list may be amended at any time without notice.

Any store found to be in contravention of this policy will be suspended immediately and deleted. Any data or content loss shall by a by-product of this, the user is responsible for understanding these limitations. We are open to discussion if you are unsure please contact the ThreeZee team for clarification.

Payment processors such as Payfast may have their own policies, you may wish to look these up as well.


ThreeZee does not act as the processor for any payments, all payments are handled by third party providers.

We accept no claims to liability for fraud are security breaches within these services systems.

We do not and never will store, or hold Credit card or other payment details within our system or databases.

We take security seriously, and as of the 01 Feb 2016 our administrative areas of the site will be secured under a guaranteed SSL certificate to further show our commitment to this.

Your privacy is important to us, we have a standing policy to never sell or disseminate any data or information that is provided by our clients or their customers.

We do utilize cookies to make the system more responsive to your needs. These will never breach your privacy.

6: GEO IP & IP Blocking

We take the security of our clients in their data and intellectual property very seriously. As threezee has received large volumes of extremely of malicious traffic from certain geo regions. This includes both data harvesting and legitimate hack attempts. We have a policy that excludes specific countries and IP addresses from accessing any of our servers.

We do this additionally to protect our clients who are designing bespoke items from having them cloned and stolen for concept by certain geo regions.

Our highest threat regions are:

  1. China / Hong Kong
  2. Russia
  3. India
  4. Nigeria

These are specifically excluded from our our network. We under no circumstances will remove the geo IP block for these. If you are in another region that is being blocked please contact us and we will evaluate the threat level. The majority of countries are open to the network, but excessive triggers from a region may put it onto the block list either permanently or on a temporary basis while the threat subsides.


All services provided by ThreeZee are either charged on a Monthly or Annual basis. Our payment system of choice is Payfast, our South African preferred payment gateway. It does not handle automatic payments so you will need to approve them all manually. We utilise Payfast for many reasons foremost however is that we recommend it to you the Store owner, as such we feel it is relevant to use the same system for your payments.

Payment date will be based on your sign up day, we do not pro rata amounts. For example should you sign up on the 5th, your account and payments will be due on the 5th of every month.

The system that handles invoicing payments and allocations of payments is entirely automated. Failing to pay your monthly payment through the automated system on https://friends.threezee.co.za ( logging in as your admin account which is different to your store user account ) will lead to your site being suspended until such time as it is paid.

Termination happens at 20 days post account suspension. Once an account is “Terminated” all client data is deleted. Forever.

If you would prefer to pre load “Credit” and have you invoices automatically paid from this credit amount. That facility is available by “Adding Mass Funds”, This facility is useful to aggregate your invoices to a specified date of your choice. Please contact support if you would like us to walk you through this process.

You can cancel your account at any point, either terminated immediately or at the end of your current billing cycle ( Monthly or Annually ), cancelation is handled via the specific service under your account on https://friends.threezee.co.za

We do not offer refunds except in the case of gross error. You may contact us on support@threezee.co.za we handle the investigation and the process surrounding this on a case by case basis. We have administration charges that would be deducted from any refund should one be granted. This covers any transactional or other charges.

If you started on a free trial no free .co.za domain shall be made available. Your domain will be charged annually in accordance with the specific TLD. This invoice will be generated Annually separate to a service invoice.



  • Domains are registered for a period of 12 months ( 1 Year ) , should the client cancel their service and wish to move the domain to another provider. The client will be charged a transfer away charge to cover the cost of the domain. This is at a cost of R250. The domain will only be released once the payment of this has been completed.


  • We do not offer email hosting alongside any of the current ThreeZee products. We do recommend Google Apps for Work or simply Gmail as a store management email account. The google products are far superior, in opinion, testing & practice ; from stability and reliability standpoints.
    • Gmail is free but has the gmail.com domain with your mail address.
    • Google Apps for Work allows a larger storage and control set to Gmail and allows you to have an email address at your own domain. YOU@YOURDOMAIN.CO.ZA
  • We offer the ability to “point” your mail at a provider of your choice ( DNS MX Records, SPDF ) , Should you wish to use another company other than Google as a provider. Please contact support to verify that it is achievable and book a time slot to switch the domain records required.
  • The safety security of your access details of your email is solely your responsibility. No ThreeZee staff member shall ever login to your accounts, email or other.

External services:
We define external services as any digital, tangible or service that interacts with ThreeZee. This includes but is not limited to, Point of Sale Systems, Accounting Systems, Payment Systems, Email Providers & Embeddable services.

  • We accept no responsibility for any aspect of external services this includes but is not limited to damage, downtime, limitations ,malicious behavior or access to private information.
  • We additionally will not accept any damage to your threezee store caused by external services as they are outside of our control. We will however try to assist with our usual priority to client happiness and support.


  1. Individuals wanting to promote ThreeZee in their personal capacity are free to do so.  ThreeZee is not liable for any of the content distributed outside of our control.
  2. Individuals wanting to sign up users and earn a percentage on those signups can apply to our team via the contact form, thereafter if the the individual is approved we will ask you to sign up a user account on the friends portal and allocate you an affiliate tracking system.
  3. Sales and affiliate sales are calculated as a percentage after all taxes, however we do not deducted transactional costs.
    NOTE: This will create a variance of 14% (RSA VAT) in the total amount received.  For example a 5% payout would 4.38% ( 5% – 14% ( of percentage) )
  4. Should an affiliate fall out of good and amicable standing with threezee or any of its associated entities. Affiliate accounts can be cancelled at will and payouts withheld. This right is strictly reserved by the ThreeZee Team, Management and Directorship.
  5. The minimum payout is R250.