Our Story


We are passionate about empowering individualsĀ and small business owners to unleash their brand to an online market, giving them the tools to run them like well-oiled machines – so that they have more time to do what they love.


The ThreeZee platform went through rigorous testing and research phases for over four years, before our Directors were completely confident that we have created a great platform that was ready for the public.

With over seventeen years of combined ecommerce experience, our team has grown in strength and diversified its skill set to include not only a Development Department but one for Design, Support, Sales and Project Management.

The combined forces of our team provide a diverse wealth of knowledge and experience that is applied to the products we create as well as to the personalised services we provide. Our team members are all passionate about what we do and are invested in the success of each one of the stores on our system.


We are committed to growing individuals and small business owners in our hometown of Durban, as well as throughout South Africa. Along side our product offering, our team offers thorough training to our clients on the technicalities of running their ThreeZee store as well as customised support and professional advise.

We strive to build strong, trusting relationships with our clients so that we are approachable for all of their queries, and so that we are able to better understand their needs.