Introducing the weird and wonderful group of professionals who are here to make things work, make things pretty and make you happy! This is ThreeZee.

Leigh Barnes

Our heroic captain in black, Leigh has a killer instinct* for business online and is too powerful for any one title to hold him. Find him coding late into the night, wrestling polar bears to a heavy metal soundtrack, or talking strategy with his alter ego. Life motto: Have you tried a hammer?

* Leigh would have written this bio himself but his Bruce Banner strength overwhelmed his keyboard. Third one this week.

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Caroline Clark

Caroline, our Head of Design, is both stylish and talented, but don’t be distracted by her Pocahontas locks, she quietly keeps everyone on track. When you say think outside the box, Caro says “What box?” and then blows your mind with some graphic goodness.


Angelo Ackerman

Durban born and bred, Angelo is the surf to our swell. He possesses a deep well of calm under pressure while handling Technical System Support. His favourite ways to pass time are drinking beer and surfing the ocean waves—often at the same time.


Ian Owira

Despite having grootgewoord in Cape Town where the mountain still holds his soul captive, Ian made the great migration to Durban where he now codes in our Dev team by day and pursues quizzacious shenanigans by night. This creative tech enthusiast shuns the lure of the maliciously delicious chicken as much as he distrusts the needy and disloyal #E91E63 cat.

ThreeZee Directors

Introducing our four wise men, our dragons, our directors! With some serious qualifications, experience and business savvy behind them, they quietly keep the cogs turning and the business rolling! From the top left:

Basil Sikhakhane   MBA, MPM

Dean Barnes   Pr.CPM. Pr.Sci Nat, BSc, BSc Hon

Leigh Barnes   Myriad of technical & web qualifications

Peter Roux   PrEng, PMP. MBA, B Eng, MECSA, MSAICE, MPMI